Training and Development

Training and Development

Solutions for GP practices

We understand the significant role of clinicians in providing expertise in healthcare and wellbieng of local population. Global Solutions therefore hold hands with you and support you to operate seemless, effective and efficient services. We will take care of your development needs and equip your staff with skills to run your practice and you then concentrating on your patients’ health.

Global Solution can provide the training to develop skills and knowledge necessary for the staff working in GP practice. The training programmes are carefully developed to equip the individuals working in GP surgery not only to manage the clients but also effectively manage the day to day business.

The training modules not only improve the practices but also provide essential skills to bring excellence in provision of GP services and encompass:

1.    Staff development

2.    Positive attitude and environment in your practice.

3.    Improving services

4.    Improving financial resources.

Our training programme is :

1.    Comprehensive

2.    Cost effective

3.    Saves resources

4.    Bring results

Our specialists and programme leaders contributed significantly in their career and contributed to NHS organisations across country. They all have insight in changing NHS and therefore the programmes not only target the development of staff from operational prospective but also develop the staff from strategic prospective and providing management consultancy and solutions, therefore creating a culture that will support CQC compliance, compliance with other legal frameworks, maximise QOF points and effective commissioning.

Tailor Made Packages for Clients

We tailor made packages for our clients, We specialise in providing services for health sector by hiring top consultants across the world, to bring  knowledge ,experience and best practices around the world. Tailor made packages

We can offer individual courses or tailor made packages according to the need of your practice. Our courses accredited and offers clinical and non clinical learning to the staff working in GP practice.

Please see our list of courses as attached

Entry requirement

There is no formal entry requirements, the learners should be minimum 16 years of age and working in a GP practice. The modules can be delivered to individuals and groups with ongoing e learning support.

Our Services

Our services are divided in two broad functions.


  1. Management and Consultancy services
  2. Training and Development.

Management and Consultancy services

Our consultancy services range from advising and supporting organisations to devise strategies, developing systems, managing projects and consultancy on corporate vision, embedding positive culture and processes.

We have specialised teams to provide consultancy in operational management, statutory compliance, marketing techniques, business and skill force development.


We provide training in management and also have a specialised wing delivering training for health management ranging from trainings professionals and consultant.

Training and Development Services

We have a training and development programme to equip organisations with skill full workforce. We believe on bringing strengths together to maximise efficiency. Each individual have some leadership qualities, our comprehensive training programme empower individuals to acknowledge their strengths and feel valued. We also have tailor made training programmes to develop leadership throughout the GP practice. We provide world class training using latest training techniques. Our training specialists can assess the teams to bridge the gaps at all hierarchical levels and consolidate positive, motivated and productive teams.

We also have scientific tools to provide psychometric profile for organisations to establish insight and gauge the programme according to individual needs. To deliver quality training our modules are modelled on some of the nationally recognised programmes from world renowned institutes.

Our staff is highly qualified and meet the international criteria for delivering training. All our trainers are hand picked from a wide range of expertise and background to deliver training on various subjects by understanding the need of our client.

We provide training on

1.    Clinical Skills

2.    Non Clinical skills

Detailed list of our courses under above categories is enclosed in our brochure.

Course title

Duration of training

1.      Time management

3 hrs

2.      Clinical Audit

1 day

3.      Service evaluation and improvement

1/2 day

4.      Minimise DNA and Maximise efficiency

1 day

5.      Customers service

1 day

a.       Face to face

1/2 day

b.      Call Handling

1/2 day

c.       Written communication

1 day

d.      Telecommunication i.e sms

2 hrs

6.      Effective role of counter staff

3 hrs

7.      Capacity and demand management

3 hrs

8.      Creating welcoming environment in the surgery

1 day

a.       Achieving patient’s friendly service

1 day

9.      Compliments and complaints

1 day

10.  Risk Management


11.  Listening skills

1/2 day

12.  Equality and diversity


a.       Managing patients with special needs

1/2 day

13.  Communication skills

1.5 day

14.  Patient engagement

1 day

15.  Practice management


a.       Basic

1 day

b.      Advance (compliance CQC and profit maximisation)

3 days

16.  Conflict resolution

1/2 day

17.  Incident reporting

2 hrs

18.  Manual handling

1.5 hrs

19.  Fire safety hygiene –Disposal

3 hrs

20.  Data management and confidentiality

1 day

21.  Clinical Governance

1/2 day

22.  LEAN methodology

2 days

23.  Meeting management

3 hrs

24.  MS Office Basic


25.  Resource management


a.       Finance and procurement planning

1 day

26. Tailor made pack of 4 courses (exc NLP)

5 days

26. Leadership and management extensive 10 month course

10 months

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