Couches and Plinths

Couches and Plinths

Medi-Plinth have a reputation for producing high quality examination couches that are robustly constructed, offering the level of durability suited to environments where patient throughput can be very high. They are a stable and comfortable patient platform providing security for patients. All Medi-Plinth couches are manufactured in the UK. The couch frames are constructed from high strength steel that is treated for corrosion resistance and coated with an epoxy/ polyester powder, which is oven cured for extreme durability. Medi-Plinth couch frames are covered by a seven year warranty.

Weight Capacity Medi-Plinth hydraulic lift couches feature a lift mechanism offering a safe working load of up to 180kg (28 stone). Medi-Plinth electric lift couches feature a lift mechanism offering an increased safe working load of up to 260kg (41 stone).

Variable Height All Medi-Plinth variable height couches lower to a comfortable sitting height to allow patients to sit on the couch with ease, or be safely transferred to a wheel chair. Where needed there is also excellent clearance for use of patient hoists, the patient can then be raised electrically or hydraulical-ly to a comfortable working height for the practitioner undertaking the examination or procedure.

Upholstery Upholstery on Medi-Plinth couches have been developed over many years to eliminate folding, stitching and minimise creasing. This ensures smooth coverage and easy maintenance of infection control. Upholstery comes in 14 standard colours and 5 luxury colours. All of the upholstery is upholstered in durable and comfortable vinyl which inhibits MRSA (3352 Methicillin resistant to Staphylococcus Aurous) Bio-Pruf treated to resist the growth of mould, mildew and odour causing microbes. The Vinyl is also fire retardant. Most couches are available in 750mm extra wide upholstery, which offers improved general comfort and access especially when treating larger patients.

Choosing The Right Couch An examination/ treatment couch is a relatively simple piece of equipment, but is one of great importance as it is likely to be used several times a day, and will be seen by the patient on virtually every visit. If the couch doesn't work or it doesn't suit the needs of the department it will have a damaging effect on efficiency and the patients impression of the service provided.

When deciding upon which couch is required, it is worth considering these key aspects:

Electric/Hydraulic Generally an electric couch offers better ergonomics for the clinician and smoother lift for the patient at the same price as a hydraulic model. If the couch is used away from a handy power point, or power failure cover is critical, a battery operating system can be specified that will offer in excess of 25 lift cycles per charge.

Space Is the couch going to be used in an area with limited space? If so consider a couch with a drop end section, which will lower to 90° and make the couch into a chair. This not only reduces the floor space needed but also enables the patient to sit on the couch as a chair.

Patient Weight Medi-Plinth has recognised that the proportion of heavy patients is increasing. To ensure maximum safety we have strengthened the design of our electric couches to accommodate a patient weight of 260 Kg (41 stone). Where a couch is likely to be used regularly for heavier patients, we would recommend the extra wide upholstery (750mm) for patient comfort.We also offer Bariatric couch models with 320 Kg (50 stone) capacity, these come in 75 cm or 100 cm width and can be configured as Two Section, Three Section and Three Section Drop End.

Movement As standard, Medi-Plinth couches come with retractable castors for easy positioning of the couch in any direction. For occasional patient transport, large individually braked castors can be specified. For regular patient transportation the single pedal (brake, two wheel steering mode and free mode) can be specified.

Procedures  By choosing the appropriate accessories, basic Two or Three Section Couches can be used for a large number of more specialised procedures (see accessory matrix at the back of this brochure). For specialist departments we offer purpose designed couches for most procedures. All specialist couches can also be used for general examination.

Patient Safety When patients are left alone on the couch it is important that Cot Sides are provided for safety.


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