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Micro Medical SpiroUSB Spirometer with Spirometry PC Software

  • Micro Medical SpiroUSB Spirometer with Spirometry PC Software
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ML2525 Micro Medical Spiro USB Spirometer with Spirometry PC Software The Spiro USB is a revolutionary new type of Spirometer that plugs directly into the USB port of your PC, without the need for any additional docking station or data uploading. 

If you have a Laptop or Notebook, SpiroUSB becomes highly portable too.

Designed for the professional, the Spiro USB features the Micro Medical renowned Gold Standard transducer.

The instrument is very fast, yet simple to use, allowing instant recognition of the transducer to automatically open and run the accompanying software.

The SpiroUSB comes with Spirometry PC Software.

*Spirometry PC Software
* Can upgrade existing Spida and SpidaXpert databases to SPCS
* Compatible with EMIS
* Compatible with SystemOne
* Clear graphic user interface
* Clearer screen layout of results and graphs
* Works on an individual patient basis - so the screens you see are specific to
the patient being tested
* Patient specific choice of predicted values
* Results tables can be formatted to appear in the choice of the user
* Predicted values, % predicted and z scores displayed
* Powerful search facilities which allows filtering dependent on patient or
groups the user is searching for
* Batch printing options between specific dates
* Increased export functions ヨ to Pdf, MS Word, Excel, XML,
*Minimum PC requirements:
* PC with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
* 129 MB RAM
* 500 MB free hard disk space *
* Free USB port for dongle protection key
* Free USB port or serial port for Spirometry device**
* Video: SVGA 1024 x 768, 256 Colour
* Actual requirements will vary dependent on the amount of data to be
acquired up to 2GB per database
** Port type required is dependent on spirometer in use. Refer to spirometer
operating manual

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