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Electronic Peak Flow Meter Asma-1

  • Electronic Peak Flow Meter Asma-1
  • Brand: Vitalograph
  • Product Code: 40000
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40000 Vitalograph Asma-1 Electronic Peak Flow Meter


The worlds best electronic asthma monitor Experts agree, the best way to manage asthma is at home allowing more effective control, improving quality of life and the need for less medical intervention. Vitalograph offers a variety of peak flow meters. All offer the facility of a personal action plan, which simplifies self-management for asthma patients.

Electronic Peak Flow Meters offer the advantage of FEV1 monitoring as well as storage of data for subsequent review. All Vitalograph peak flow meters meet all peak flow meter standards, including the new EN 13826.



* Vitalograph SafeTway, disposable mouthpieces prevent cross-contamination for use in-clinic.

* Measures FEV1 as well as peak flow

* Simple to use

* Large, easy to read display

* Electronic record - no need for record cards

* Stores data with date and time stamp

* Automatically assesses test quality

* Quality of blow indicator

* More accurate than a mechanical meter

* FEV1 has less diurnal variability and is less effort dependant

* PEF/FEV1 zones can be personalised

* Stores 600 test sessions

* Detachable flow head makes cleaning simple

* Suitable for multi-subject use with standard size SafeTway mouthpieces

* Uses long life AAA batteries

* Multi-lingual (symbols)

* ATS/ERS compliant



Technical Data

* Product Type: Electronic Peak Flow Meter

* Size: 100 x 65 x 32mm

* Weight: 55g net

* Parameters Measured: PEF & FEV1

* Operating Temperature Range: 17 - 37° C

* Measuring Principle: Stator/rotor mass flow meter

* Scale Intervals: PEF 1L/min, FEV1 1 L

* Accuracy in operating temperature range: Better than +/- 3%

* Repeatability: Better than 5% or 10L/min, whichever is greater

* Cleaning: Alcohol wipe, especially the mouthpiece, weekly

* Flow Range: 0 - 999 L/min

* Disposal Methods: Recycle

* Performance standard: EN13826:2003

* Safety Standards: EN60601-1-2 EN13826:2003

 * Designed and manufactured to following QA/GMP standards:

CE 0086

ISO 13485:2003

FDA 21CFR820

 * Manufactured by:

Vitalograph (Ireland) Ltd.

Gort Road Industrial Estate

Ennis, Co Clare

Republic of Ireland


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