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Cleaning & Disenfecting Wipes, Alcohol-Free l Ebiox Trionic D

  • Cleaning & Disenfecting Wipes, Alcohol-Free l Ebiox Trionic D
  • Brand: Ebiox
  • Product Code: EBW200
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  • Price : £5.10

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A large amount of potentially harmful microorganisms are contained in biofilm nutrient layers. These cleaning wipes possess the necessary potency of antimicrobial chemicals to best eliminate these substances from medical surfaces. This is an i

mportant task to eliminate the risk of cross contamination and the spread of bacteria in a medical environment.

The single dispensing canister system greatly assists in this as only the wipe being used needs to be touched. This also helps control usage and ultimately saves money.

Complete with its easy flip top lid, this canister holds 200 wipes for great quality value. 

 Directions for use: To prepare the tub to dispense wipes follow the instructions opposite. Always close the flap after each use.

To clean, wipe the surface until all visible soiling is removed. To disinfect, using a new wipe, wipe the surface ensuring it remains wet for the appropriate contact time. TrionicTM is bactericidal in 1 minute and tuberculocidal in 5 minutes.


Main Features:

* Antimicrobial

* Biocidal

* Destroys bio-film layers

* 200 capactiy canister


About Ebiox:

Ebiox aims to provide the most fast acting and effective disinfecting products to ensure reduced health and safety implications. This company continues to evolve and grow with an on-going research and development programme, enhancing the current product range, distributor network and communication platforms.

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