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Azo Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes 200x220mm Canister of 200

  • Azo Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes 200x220mm Canister of 200
  • Brand: Vernon Carus
  • Product Code: VC81103
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Azowipe has been widely used within the NHS for over 25 years. Available in either large or medium size canisters, Azowipe is convenient for use in all clinical environments.

With the increase in virulent organisms the introduction of Azowipe as part of a robust infection control protocol is now even more important. Isopropyl alcohol, the active component of Azowipe is acknowledged by leading authorities to be an effective medium for the routine disinfecting of clinical surfaces.

*Product Benefits:

* Proven to be effective against a variety of organisms - including MRSA
* Made from viscose rayon nonwoven 
strong and durable in use
* Foil sealed - prevents evaporation in storage
* Suitable for all hard surfaces - one product from a single source
* Contains NO preservative - no smearing or streaking when in use
* Specially designed canister - easy to dispense wipes

* 70% vv Solution of Isopropyl Alcohol BP 
* For the disinfection of hard surfaces Irradiated and each tub double bagged with irradiation dot
* Size: 200mm x 220mm

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