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All Purpose Wet Wipes 15 pack

  • All Purpose Wet Wipes 15 pack
  • Brand: NewGenn
  • Product Code: N9NG14
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Price : £2.65

  • Price with VAT : £3.18


NewGenn N9NG14 All Purpose Wet Wipes 15 pack Based on the popular 52 wipe pack - this is a smaller more convenient pack of the same NewGenn wipes.

NewGenn wipes were carefully designed to meet exacting standards and are are free of alcohol, free of fragrence, preservatives, colours, and were developed without the need to be tested on animals - the ingredients are all natural and plant based.

NewGenn antimicrobial wet wipes leave your skin feeling naturally clean and soft and in fact have many other uses, such as;

* Babies - as used in hospital baby wards

* Wounds - safe and will not sting

* Hands - leaves a wonderful natural feel to your hands

* Toilets - added protection and ok to flush

* Children - perfect for cleaning up children's faces, hands, knees, cuts, grazes etc

* Fabric - will not harm clothing

* Pets - safe for pets, clean up after them


How Does It Work?

In the simplest of terms: the gentle technology destroys hazardous microbes by cleansing of any organic matter and dissolving the microbe. The natural plant oils on which the product is based account for the pleasant feeling on the skin and the absence of alcohol demonstrates why it does not sting in cuts and fractured skin.

All NewGenn products control and kill;

* Norovirus - winter vomiting

* Swine Flu




* Salmonella

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